Nut Splitter

Enerpac - Simplex


NC-Series Hydraulic Nut Splitters use a single blade configuration suited to general nut cutting applications across a wide range of industries.

The heat-treated steel blade with its optimized cutting head geometry cuts from one side, and the powerful internal spring brings it back to its starting position.

NC-Series Nut Cutters are compact, simple, and easy to use. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, thanks to the carefully considered angled head design and handle position.

Nuts are often difficult to remove, and while loosening them using tightening tools is possible, this generally requires larger equipment and takes more time.

Using a cutting torch or a hammer and chisel presents safety risks and can cause damage to the joint components. They also involve significantly longer setup and operational time.

Nut splitting with the Enerpac Hydraulic Nut Splitters is the safest and most efficient method – taking less time and avoiding costly damage to joint components.

  • Compact and ergonomic design, easy to use
  • Angled head allows flush access
  • Single-acting, spring return design
  • Heavy-duty chisels can be reground
  • Applications include servicing trucks, piping industry, tank cleaning, petrochemical, steel construction and mining
  • Two blade model is also available to split from two sides in one action
  • For applications with bolt sizes that are common to two tool model sizes, we recommend selecting the larger of the two tools for the best results
  • Maximum allowable hardness to split is 44HRc. Not to be used on square nuts or stainless steel.

General Description
Nut splitting with hydraulic nut splitters and cutters is the safest method. It takes less time and avoids costly damage to joint components. The head design fitted with heavy duty chisels permits the splitting of nuts on a wide variety of applications. With the two blade models nuts are split from two sides in one action. Combining the Enerpac and Equalizer nut splitter line into a single offering provides a complete line of nut splitting tools.

Available Models
5 ton, Hex up to .75 in10 ton, Hex up to .94 in
10 ton, Two Blade Design, Hex up to 0.94 in15 ton, Hex up to 1.13 in
15 ton, Two Blade Design, Hex up to 1.13 in20 ton, Hex up to 1.56 in
20 ton, Two Blade Design, Hex up to 1.56 in
35 ton, Hex up to 2.00 in50 ton, Hex up to 2.25 in90 ton, Hex up to 2.88 in


Worldwide we will arrange for immediate delivery of the Nut Splitter you require directly to your construction site and if only used temporarily we will pick them up when you have finished using it.

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