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Stressing Jack Rentals

Our Post Tensioning/Stressing Jacks consist of both single and double acting models with spring and power wedge capabilities.

The jacks come with a 10 inch stroke and have either a 20 or 30 ton capacity.

The jacks can adapt to strand sizes of 0.5″ and 0.6″ diameter strand and maybe used with various types of anchors, wedges and pocket styles.

Post Tension/Stressing Jack, Single-Acting, Spring Seater or Power Wedge Seater.

  • Monostrand Stressing Jacks are the most durable strand jacks in the industry.
  • Ideally suited for work on slab-on-grade where dirt, heat and high volume use take their toll.
  • Available for up to 0.6″ dia. (15.2mm) strand in power seater and spring seater models.
  • Simple operation, hyd. Hose connects directly to jack.
  • Standard 10″ (254mm) stroke, with other stroke lengths available on special order basis.
  • Full line of nose piece and wedge seater lengths.
  • Dead-end seaters for production and field work available on a special order basis.
  • Service repair is simple. Long-lasting, easy to replace components. Operator repair is simple.
  • 3″ (76,2mm) seater nose assembly easily removed for optional 6″ (154.4mm) nose assembly.

Post Tension/Stressing Jack, Double-Acting, Power Seater.

  • Jack of choice for high-rise, elevated work because of fast return time and lightweight.
  • Single piece of hardened steel machined to exacting standards to produce a lightweight, durable, double-acting stressing jack.
  • 3″ (76.2mm) power seat nose assembly easily removed for optional 6″ (152.4mm) nose assembly.
  • All hydraulic fluid conduits are interior designed. Allows for more efficient and safer operation during tensioning, retraction, power lock circuits.
  • Standard 8.5″ (216mm) stroke, with others available on special order.
  • Available for up to ½ dia. (12.7mm) strand applications.
  • Operator service and repair is simple with long-lasting, easy to replace components..
SJ2010DA, SJ3010DA 20 or 30 ton double-acting power wedge seater

SJ2010P, SJ3010P 
20 or 30 ton single-acting 
power wedge seater

SJ2010DA, SJ3010DA 
20 or 30 ton double-acting 
power wedge seater


Worldwide we will arrange for immediate delivery of stressing jacks directly to your construction site and we will pick it up when you have finished using it. 

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