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Roads & Bridges

Bridges Roads

Hydraulic Jacks

Custom cylinders made to order, with loads from 1 – 2,000 tons and pressure rating of 100 – 10,000 psi. We can make any cylinder to your exact requirements.

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Synchronized Lifting Systems

The potential applications of this system are numerous synchronized lifting levering, pushing, pulling and positioning using computer technology and high-pressure hydraulics has become popular in many industries around the world.

Flat Jacks

Freyssi Flat Jacks are simple, practical devices for the civil or structural engineer wherever the application or control of large forces is required.

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Hydraulic Closed

Torque Wrenches

We provide Hydraulic Torque wrenches that have a torque rating from 0-100,000 ft/lb. We provide both Standard and Low Clearance wrenches for all of your torque applications.


Loadcells 0-1500 Tons Available from stock with Calibrations up to 1500 Tons Traceable back to NIST

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Rebar Grips

Quick acting grips are perfect for pullout testing of grouted re-bar on highway, bridge and tunnel applications.


The bolt tension calibrator for all bolts using the following tools: Impact Wrench • Manual Torque Wrench • Nutrunner • Pneumatic Toque Wrench • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner • Hydraulic Torque Wrench • Missing Link • DTI Squirters & TC break-off-bolts r